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To 15 year old me

Dear little me,
Life is really incredible and it amazes you time to time, you just need to focus on it a little bit. Don’t over think situations, you are too small for them. Don’t judge your parents, they are doing things to make you learn more about life as you are growing up. You need to be a little smart as you are totally dumb and innocent and fool too. Stop crying all the time – You are too emotional and innocent but there is no need to show everyone your emotions. Your emotions are important, so stop wasting them on everyone. Crying is not the solution and you are not responsible for everything bad happens around you. Try to see things differently.  You are brave enough to talk to people – You have been living with your family of mother, father and brother only, no grandparents and no relatives. You are a shy one too. But there is no need to be afraid of people or crowd. You always want to talk to people but you can’t. Keep that confidence in yourself.You will going to love…
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Club factory Haul – Online Shopping

Club Factory is one of the online shopping apps in India. This hot fashion shopping app allows you to shop millions of products and manage your orders anywhere. So I decided to shop as it gives you the lowest price. Being a middle class Indian, getting a good deal for a less price is so much more satisfying than spending your whole salary on branded goods that you can only wear on special occasions .I am sharing my personal experience of Club Factory. I have done shopping from Club Factory recently.

Recently I discovered this company that sells clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty items for unbelievably low prices. The first though that came to my head when I saw the prices was: “The quality is going to be cheap”. Still I wanted to try as the price was a big factor. 
These are the things what I bought:- Smart phone tripod stand
Camera’s tripod holder 
Travel storage bag Leaf bracelet Leaf opening ringStar stud earringPearl earringCross lariat necklace  Sponge tripod camera holder 

Fear of Initiating Things

As far as I know myself, this is the main cause of not doing things which I really wanted to do in my life that is FEAR OF INITIATING THINGS. This seems really silly when you read about this but we all suffer with this in our own lives.
Fear is the driving factor which keeps us stalled and prohibits the progression of moving forward. It’s easier to make excuses because it’s scary to take the first step. Many of us struggle with this inner battle every day. Fear is a terrible thing when you let it control you. The results will be worse. Even after your talent, all your passion, all your dreams, you will be remain alone, broken and stressed just because you have fear, fear of initiating. This fear is just like cancer which eats up everything, your happiness, your growth, your dreams, and your passion everything. Allowing fear to rule over every aspect of your life is far more disastrous than choosing a life ruled by love and hope. Choosing Fear as a governing emotion of life will stra…

GlamEgo Subscription Box - November 2017 Review

Glamego is the most favorite box of many, and they try to give great products month by month. By costing at rs.299 if you subscribe for 6 months, they are cheapest box with premium and deluxe products.
Let’s have a look at what’s inside the box of this November month and how it looks like. As we all know, it comes with the card giving the details of what we have in the box and some coupon cards to enjoy some shopping delight and a contest card this time. We have 4 Full-Size Products this time – Bella Voste Lipstick – 31 Teen Diva (Full Size – INR 549/-) BeUfly Paris Lip Color – 2 Juicy Orange (Full Size – INR 400/-) Kronokare Polish The Blemish Face Scrub (Full Size – INR 460/-) Lass Naturals Cucumber Mint Face Freshener & Toner (Full Size – INR 150/-) KRONOKARE POLISH THE BLEMISH FACE SCRUB – Suitable for all skin types, this Polish The Blemish scrub is a super vitamin based scrub that gently cleanses and removes the dead cells and leaves the skin super soft, smooth and rejuvenated…

GlamEgo Subscription Box - October 2017 Review

Fall month is really beautiful and so is this month’s box from GlamEgo. If you still don’t know what GlamEgo is, check out my previous blog here:-
This month they are giving 1500/- worth products + 250/- voucher + Chance to win 6500/- worth Manna Kadar Lipsticks + 25% voucher all for Diwali.
There are in total 5 products in my GlamEgo Box October 2017 edition which are as follows: Bella Voste Lip Crayon: Price: 499INR for 3.8 gms :- This retractable lip crayon from the brand Bella Voste is formulated in Italy which makes it at par with any good branded lip crayon in India. This lip crayon has a semi-matte finish that glides on smoothly on the lips making it really a great lip crayon for the dry and chilly winters. The formula is extremely soft and pigmented which lasts on the lips for a good amount of 4-5 hours without any meal. Aroma Magic Pollution Defense Face Wash: If you are feeling toxified with the am…

GlamEgo Subscription Box - September 2017 Review

Another month, another subscription box.
If you haven’t seen my last subscription box review, click here: - This is so exiting to get new products every month to try out and you don’t even know what you are going to get. The products are of very good quality and we do save money also. So here are the September month’s GlamEgo subscription box. This time GlamEgo comes with the exclusively curated products for your eyes. I got 4 products in this box.

The Girl of My Dreams BY Durjoy Datta – Book Review

Durjoy Datta, a well-known novelist and most celebrated bestselling author in India. His earlier books made me his fan too like every other girl here in India as he writes mostly romance novels with the magic of words. You cannot deny the influence after reading them. So I decided to read this one too.

As the cover says “How dangerously little you know about love... “, this made a reader more eager about the story. First this first, this is a psychological thriller novel which is totally as genre change for Durjoy as a writer. This made story even more interesting.